Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Dungarees

Dungarees have been slowly making a comeback over the past few seasons. Far removed from their beginnings as workman’s apparel, dungarees can now be found in wide spectrum of materials and fits; from the sleek leather versions courtesy of Philip Lim, to the simple navy twill offering at Margaret Howell. So popular were the Whistles and Topshop versions, they sold out in a matter of days.

Though daunting at first glance, dungarees are fast becoming a sartorial staple. Best paired with clean lines and classic separates, these Stella McCartney versions will remove any industrial connotations and put you at the forefront of fashion-forward spring dressing.

We've put together two different looks for you: designer vs highstreet. You might have to go a while without peeing...

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