Thursday, 15 August 2013

Monogram Me

I've just ordered my first monogrammed bag (soon to be one of many?)

I'm going to NYC again in November and I'm allowed one 23kilo bag and two hand luggage bags. How do I avoid having to shell out £60 to check in another bag? Buy a massive canvas tote bag with my initials on it of course!

That'll fool 'em, hand luggage has no weight limit.

I've looked around sites that offer this service before, and it can cost over £100 to get done, but the other day I came across a well known US brand - L.L.Bean

$40 for a large monogrammed tote! I was in heaven.  There is plenty of choice - I went for the Insignia...

International postage costs depends on the size of your order, but they do ship internationally.

Can't wait for it to arrive! Great gift idea too.

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